Saturday, April 22, 2006

What Was I Thinking?

It seemed like a good idea, so I started my own blog. Now here I am without a clue as to what to post. Oh sure, thoughts are running rampant through my head, like a pinball, and I've never been any good at pinball. Or sharing my thoughts. Much less journaling.

I guess that's the point, though, really, of doing this. It's time I learned something new. I've reached a turning point in my life, not so much because I turned 40, but because I turned 40 without having anything to show for it - save a few wrinkles and a couple of teenagers. Oh, and tons of laundry. TONS.

My procrastination skills are second to none, except maybe my husband's. I don't know - it's a close race to see who can finish last; not that we're trying to outdo (or outdon't?) each other. We're just so happy to have finally found the perfect match that other stuff doesn't matter much. What a blessing to have a husband who'd rather have me join him on the couch than wait on him hand and foot. (Thank you, God!)

Ok, so I'm off to a decent start. We've got church tomorrow, and I need to wash something to wear.


Carl Bryant said...

Blogs are nice.

You can speak your mind, and take it off of the dirty dishes in the sink.

Write on, woman.

Faith said...

Godly husbands are, well a God send!!! ;D