Saturday, May 26, 2007

Because I'm a Dweeb

Well, it's not like I don't have anything post-worthy. It's just that I don't have a lot of time to compose a well-written post. Not because the days here in Georgia are shorter than anywhere else, but because I've got a lot of different things going on all at once. For instance, this and this.

Oh and, of course, stuff like this:

If things go as planned, I will be starting a blog for each of my stores where you can preview new designs and grab money-saving coupon codes.

Have a memorable Memorial Day weekend, y'all! I'll be heading to Arkansas shortly, so you know I'll have something to post when I get back.


Diane J. said...

I did some shopping in your online stores. I really liked the Arkansas flower stuff, especially the thong! LOL! ;D

I'll wave at you when you go by, okay? Just honk and I'll know it's you passing by. :-)

Hope this trip goes well.

Love and hugs,


Mrs.Martin said...

Enjoy your stores! I bought the stein cup with, "She thinks my tractor's sexy." I went with the cup because I couldn't see him wearing it when he preached.

Love your humor. Blessings to your businesses.

Clemntine said...

You'll be hearing from me in August when I start my Christmas shopping. I've made a few notes...

Barb said...

My whole family would fall on the floor laughing if I appeared in that "I am so blogging this" tee shirt. Honestly, that tee shirt was made for me. LOL

Yes, I imagine you'll have lots of blog fodder when you return from Arkansas. You always do. I hope this trip goes well. We can always hope, right?

Safe travels to you - especially if you're on the highways this weekend. Boy, the cops are catching drunk drivers like crazy around here. People are stupid.


Dawn said...

I want that shirt Barb talked about! NO, I NEED IT!

Have a great trip and hopefully you'll have GOOD things to blog about when you return.

Say Hi to Heber Springs for me if you get anywhere near there. OK??

Mommy Dearest said...

I agree with Barb about the blogging t-shirt; at least it would give people a warning, which seems only fair. ;-)

Yes, trips to Arkansas are most definitely blog-worthy!

Dawn said...

Hi, friend. I stopped by again to let you know that Kev and I have finished Chapter 9, and it's the last one for now. It is the end and the beginning. Stop by if you have a few minutes!

Diane said...

I so need the "I'm so blogging about this!" T-shirt!

what a fun business you have started! While I miss reading more of your posts....I completely understand your absence! Enjoy!


Diane said...

P.S. about....

"If it weren't for blogspot, I'd have no friends at all"


"I blog....therefore, I am!"

Geesh! This could be fun!


Tammy and Parker said...

I'm thrilled to know that your stores are doing so well! Ya-hoo!

Dawn said...

Hi - I'm glad I went back down to see if anyone else had stopped by the last chapter. You must be very busy with your new venture. Sounds like it's going well!

I like your new picture. I must get something new up - the Christmas tree one is a bit dated!

Trust things are going well with the girls!

Melanie said...

I thought of a t-shirt idea today while I was cleaning house.

"I'd rather be blogging."