Friday, June 30, 2006

7 Things About Meme ;)


* I am the shortest member of my family (5'2")
* I gained 60 pounds during my first pregnancy and lost it all within a year.
* I gained 40 pounds during my second pregnancy and lost 50 in 8 months.
* I have found 20 of them in the last two years.
* I am afflicted with a strange combination of OCD and ADD. ODD for short.
* I have been baptized twice (got it right the second time!)
* I have been married twice (got it right the second time!)


* The thought of never seeing my daughters again.
* Not knowing their whereabouts at any given time.
* The thought that something could happen to them and I'd have no way of knowing.
* The legacy of abuse/alcoholism/divorce being passed on to my children.
* My family's history of health problems
* Mammograms
* Dirty old men


* Point of Grace - all
* Chris Rice - Deep Enough to Dream album, Cartoons
* Peter Penrose - debut album
* Don Williams - all
* The Eagles - most
* Norah Jones - Come Away With Me (our song)
* Vince Gill - that voice!


* Rain
* Chocolate
* Coke - the real thing or C2
* Reading
* Singing
* Laughing
* Iced tea, unsweetened


* I love my husband *sigh* (said to him)
* I married a moron. (in answer to his question, "What's wrong with you?")
* Dude, where's your manners? (to Andrew)
* This is your mother, please call me back. (after the beep on the girls' cell phones)
* Dang. I'm late for work. (nearly every morning)
* I love you. (in every conversation with my husband and kids)
* Lord, forgive me... (daily)

Great. This is the hard part. Are there even 7 people who read my blog?

Diane (Praying for a prodigal)
Dawn (Call me Grandma Dawn)
Bernadette (Texas Gal)
Paulette (My Life Shifting)
Theresa (Bullfrogs & Butterflies)
Faith (Faithful Mommy)
Yellow Mama (One Step Up From Stupid)

Okay, ladies. Now it's your turn. Please let me know if you play along. (No pressure, of course.)


Diane said...

Thanks for being a good sport and participating, Brenda. :-)

I think I have a bad case of ODD, too.

Now that you mention it, I'm scared of just about all the things you are.

LOVE Don Williams, the Eagles and Vince Gill.

We agree on rain, reading, singing and ESPECIALLY laughing. :-)

BooMama said...

I'm gonna work on mine this weekend. How much do I love that you "found" 20 pounds? I've found about 40 over the last couple of years and am hanging on to them for dear life. :-)

Great new picture in your profile, too.

Yellow Mama said...

Sure, I'll play along, but I don't know what I am supposed to do...? Really...I've seen this on lots of blogs, but hey...after all I am a NMSU Aggie...yet I do know how to screw in a lightbulb...let me know!

Barb said...

OCD+ADD=ODD. That would be Obsessive Deficit Disorder, right? I think I have that too. I could probably use up the whole alphabet to name all my little disorders. The thought of never seeing my daughters again is something I can't even get my mind around and I so understand the need to know where they are at any given moment. That was the biggest adjustment I had to make when they went away to college and the truth is, I probably was better off NOT knowing where they were.

I love rain. As poor as they were, one thing I envied about some of my relatives, when I was growing up, was their tin roofs.

And I have no idea why anyone drink anything but plain old Coke, the real thing, calories and all, over lots and lots of ice. Unsweetened ice tea? An addiction.

Thanks for playing along and thanks for digging up seven people to tag. That was the hard part for me, too, since everyone I might have tagged was already tagged. So I just rudely barged in and put people on the spot! xoxoxo

Dawn said...

I'll be glad to play along, but like Yellow Mama, I'm not sure exactly how. Thanks for tagging me - I never was any good at games in grade school and always felt left out!! ;) One of my favorite speakers and writers ever (maybe I'm jumping ahead and should leave this for the meme!) was Bob Benson who preached on John 17 once when I heard him and said he was never chosen in school and now this scripture means so much to him because "I likes to be chose."

Praying for your Prodigal said...

I'm it! I'll play! Thanks Brenda! Love getting to know you better! Meme's are great for that.


Paulette said...

Hey Brenda, I too love a good game. LOL I am not sure how to do it either, I will be glad to do it though, let me know.
Be Blessed.

theresa said...

I'm working on mine and so HONORED for the tag. I did one a long time ago but new look, new list, right? I'll let ya know when it's up. :)

theresa said...

Mines up! Sorry it took me so long. But I've been in bed sick - ugh!

Yellow Mama said...

Okay...this is going to have to be put here cause I was out of it for the weekend.

Here are seven things about me.
1. I am short
2. I love being with my family...most of the time
3. I require total quiet to write...that means no one in the room quietly sitting and even looking at questions....etc.
4. I am originally from New Mexico...which is still part of the Union!
5. I love to sing.
6. I am 53 and still love to do cannonballs in the pool and splash and annoy everyone in the pool.
7. I still love to go to the part and swing as high as I can.
7.1 I love to blow up my cheeks and squeeze out the air making funny noises.
7.2 Yellow makes me look yello even though I love bananas!
7.3 I don't feel 53...usually I feel 10.

I cheated....but by adding a decimal point I think?! I'm still legal.....

Brenda said...

YM, I love your list. I'm with you all the way on #5 & #7, and #7.1 when I'm in the company of little ones.