Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Found this article at The Sacred Sandwich. In light of yesterday's post, I just had to link it.

Browse around while you're there, and be sure to check out their photo gallery. Enjoy!


Barb said...

Oh my gosh, "fetch, roll over and play dead" just cracked me up, Brenda. I'm trying to even remotely imagine how embarrassed he was when he realized they were talking about the saint and not the dog. :-)

But this reminded me that years and years ago I had a Saint Bernard puppy. What a slobbering drooling HUGE mess that dog was. That dog was probably fifty Chelseas, size wise.

This is too funny. :-)

april said...

brenda, the photo gallery on this site was so funny I was in tears. What a hoot!

Grafted Branch said...

Just dropping in to say I miss your posts and your presence in blogville! I hesitate to say that because I also understand why you scaled back (I think) and I wouldn't want to pose a stumbling block to you.

Think of you often, pray for you too. Hope everything is well.