Friday, November 17, 2006

Getting Ready for Christmas

Hi! Didja miss me? I've been keeping busy (not really, but it sounds good.) I have accomplished a thing or two, though. Like cleaning the kitchen and cooking a few meals. And watching back to back episodes of Star Wars while snuggling on the sofa with my beloved. Good stuff, that. The snuggling, not Star Wars.

Now I must confess that I'm not ready for Christmas. In case you haven't noticed, it's not even Thanksgiving yet. Scratch that. Every day is thanksgiving, but you know what I mean. I'm a straggler when it comes to decorating for the holidays. I never, ever put out Christmas bling before December first. I've been known to wait until the twenty-first. And we don't do lights on the outside of the house, for obvious reasons. Would YOU want to spend Good Friday taking down Christmas lights?

Ah, but Christmas lists? That's another story. No, I don't make a list, but my kids do. Lindsey called me just a few days ago to tell me what she wanted.

"Mom, I'd like to have a (some brand name) coat. Do you know what I'm talking about? Christy can tell you if you don't. Anyway, you can get me that for Christmas, okay?"

"Sure, honey, but let's talk about that when I'm not at work."

"Okay. Or you can give me your car. Loveyoubye."

Hmm. That must be some coat.

Y'all have a fantastic Friday, y'hear?


Kelli said...

Me thinks you were setup!


Mommy Dearest said...

Good to hear from you again. Would she notice a knock-off brand coat? I'm thinking it must be expensive to be comparable to a car, too.

Dawn said...

I for one have missed you! But I can see you're back in great form. I'm not ready to think about Christmas either. My post reflects that today.

Diane said...

Welcome back, Brenda. I was about ready to send you a "You still alive?" email. :-)

Ain't that about right? Treat you like she has and then ask for a coat that apparently costs the same as a car?? But they came from our loins and we have to love them anyway, right? Lord love 'em. ;D

PEZmama said...

If I was drinking coffee when I read this, I would have spit it on my monitor when you wrote "I'm not ready for Christmas." My immediate thought was, "please tell me this woman doesn't think I am supposed to be ready for Christmas right now." Like you, I have been known to decorate just days before Christmas.

But I am glad I read this post. Now that I hear you are taking requests, I will get to work on my list.

Hee hee! Welcome back.

Tammy said...

Yes, I missed you, too! :)

And I use to be the same way and still am to a degree...wanted to wait until Dec. 1st to decorate for Christmas. Now, since my kids are little, I am sort of getting into it a bit earlier. But I like to hold out for the tree to at least 20 days before...otherwise we're up to our knees in needles! :)

Funny, how the wish lists get a little more expensive when you have teens, huh? Your daughter's phone call was funny...
I'm glad mine still get excited over a doll but I know my time's coming! And even now, all the commercials during Dora don't make life easy! ;)

Kathleen Marie said...

Your car! Now that was cute. I have a daughter who wants a new coat as well. Some I have seen online are EXPENSIVE! I am praying for a miracle sale here.

Since my kids are older I have decided for the first time to buy a few small things and give them $. I never thought I would do that but it has been decided.

God Bless!

Barb said...

I could have sworn I left a comment here yesterday. Hmmmmm.

Think of all the Christmas crowds and long lines you'd avoid if you just gave her your car. :-) The thing is, it wouldn't surprise me if she's serious.

And your crack about spending Good Friday taking down the lights is classic Brenda. I love the way you just slip those in there. xoxoxo

Belle-ah said...

"or your car"....just in case you need options! LOL I am usually all shopped and wrapped by Thanksgiving --- NOT this year. I haven't even started, except 1 gift for 1 of the children. Hey, at least I have started decorating!

Glad to see you back in blogland.

Dawn said...

No shopping here yet. I used to always put the tree up right after Thanksgiving. I get lazier and lazier and tireder and tireder!

Thanks for stopping by and for the encouraging words!

Grafted Branch said...

ROFLOL! You've a clever daughter! I guess the apple doesn't fall far...

So glad to read something from you Brenda. I miss your wit. Waaa waaa waaa! :(

Melanie said...

I HAVE missed you!! And that must be some coat! Happy Thanksgiving!