Friday, August 17, 2007


Late Sunday night, Lindsey was on the phone with a friend who told her Sarah was there and they were going to watch a movie. For some reason they wouldn't let Lindsey talk to her, so I called their home number. No one answered the phone. After several more attempts to reach Sarah on her cell phone, I finally called the friend's cell. Still no answer. Eventually, Sarah did call from their home phone. What a relief to finally hear from her! (I'm sure your prayers had everything to do with that. THANK YOU!!) We talked briefly, then she promised to call me the next day while she was out shopping. It didn't happen. She is now back with her dad, as far as I know. I'm still waiting for her to call.


Kelli said...

At least she's ok. Alive.

I'm still praying for you darlin'. And the brat. Especially, the brat.


Diane@Diane's Place said...

Makes you want to hug her and strangle her all at the same time.

Also makes me realize that God feels the same way about me. The majority of the time.

Still praying, dear heart. Hang in there. It's not like you have any choice, I know....

Love and hugs,


Dawn said...

I have been wondering - good to know she's safe, but not very thoughtful, eh?? Takes after her dad maybe?

Grafted Branch said...

Someday, she's going to feel really bad about this.

So, I say it's time for that speech from Terms of Endearment when the dying mother, from her deathbed, tells the tween that someday when she's gone, he'll be sorry. And he'll feel real bad. And she tells him not to, because she knows he loves her. She really knows it.

Yeah. Sometimes these dramatic moments inspire the manipulation card--but I don't *really* recommend it; I'm just trying to make you smile.