Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Hot and Bloggered

I love summer. I thrive in warm temperatures. I'm cold natured, which means if the air conditioning is working like it should, it chills me to the bone. My office building is so cold that I look forward to getting into my car at lunchtime just to thaw out. I keep a sweater in my office so I won't freeze to death.

I'm the last person you'll hear complain about the heat. You know if I'm hot, then everyone else must be miserable, and I'm telling you it's hot. Sweat-on-your-upper-lip hot. You had that figured out already, didn't you? Yeah, it takes me a while.

So I'm sitting here trying to muster up the energy to do something. Even blogging seems like a chore. I have yet to complete the Bloggy Homes Tour, and I'm behind on my regular reading and commenting. As usual, there are about a million topics zinging around in my head, but none that I'm ready to commit to a post. There are several really good discussions going on other blogs that I'm trying to keep up with, and hoping to explore a few of those further on my own blog.

I'm wondering what's up with bloglines. For some reason, I'm not getting notified of all the new posts, so if you're missing my wit and wisdom (yeah, right) in your comments, don't worry. I haven't been abducted. I'm here, just moving along at a snail's pace so as not to work up a sweat.

Did I mention that it's hot?


BooMama said...

Hey - I've been having trouble with Bloglines, too. Think it's running slower because OF THE HEAT? :-)

Paulette said...

You are too funny. What I heard from you today I hear from my friend all the time of how she freezes in the office and thaws out at lunch. And trust me if you want HOT move to Texas where it hit 104 today.
I love coming and seeing a new post.
Love Ya Girlfriend

Barb said...

We've had a little break the last few days - cooler temperatures and thunderstorms in the evening. Wind blew so hard last night I almost lost my tacky little canopy on the patio.

Bloglines has been acting strange for about a week and a half now. The bad thing is some new posts are showing but not all so people assume some people aren't posting when they are. But I'm like you. I'm way behind on comments and keeping up with my friends. That 100th post took it out of me! I'm hoping to catch up tomorrow.

Hope things cool down a little out your way soon.

Diane said...

It's HOT here, too. 89 degrees as I type this at 8:30 pm. I think the high today was 99 and 229% humidity. Well, it felt like it was 229% anyway. :-) And despise is not a strong enough term for how much I loathe being hot and sweaty! Ick!!

My bloglines is wacky, too. Some are showing up as new posts, some not showing up at all, and some are showing up as new when they're not. I've been checking my blogroll the old-fashioned way, one at a time. I'm hopefully going to post something new late tonight. Hopefully, I said. :-)

Laurel Wreath said...

I have seriously looked for trash cans that need to be taken out at the office just so I can go stand out in the heat. I freeze at my office.

But it is hot. I have had to sit two hour each day outside for my boys soccer practice and I am miserable. Today I left to go get myself an icee, just to keep cool.


Brenda said...

You may be right, BooMama.

Thanks, Paulette, but I like it here. Even Arkansas hot is too much for me. Can't imagine Texas hot. Like I said, I know if I'm hot, y'all must be miserable.

We should all go visit Barb. How 'bout it, Barb? Got room?

Diane, the humidity is one thing I don't miss about Arkansas.

LW, I don't even like icees, but I sure wouldn't have turned one down today.

Dawn said...

It's been hot in Colorado this summer - not cooling off at night as normal. Tonight it was 85 at 9:00. But the humidity is low. I hate being hot. But I don't like air conditioning either.

Blessed Beyond Measure said...

Today I seriously had a passing thought (do you sense my addiction level???) wonder what's up with Brenda? Why hasnt she posted anything in awhile? So I noticed, and yes I'm addicted....

Jane said...

Love the heading you gave this!!!! I can totally relate, hope it cools down for you soon!

Belle-ah said...

I am so ready for some Fall weather! After living out of the south for a few years I really haven't re-learned to appreciate the heat...especially this years heat!

Barb said...

Are you kidding me? I could fit at least two people under my tacky little canopy, so y'all come! (Or we could, you know, stay inside, where the a/c NEVER stops running.)

Tammy said...

We had our heat wave a while back...but at the risk of people throwing pillows at me through their computer screens...western Oregon is enjoying cool breezes and 11:15 am, it's only in mid-seventies...with a top off of maybe 78 today.
*sheepishly ducking me head*...sorry!

Judith said...

Brenda, I'm so sorry you're so miserable, and hope it's better by now.

Kind of dreaded August in Grand junction. Think I was comparing it to Texas August heat. We've had a break for a few days, and frequent afternoon/evening rains, which help. Someone told me they miss snow because so little falls here. Will have to see how winters really are. Don't think I'll miss scraping ice and snow off the car. Hope you get some relief where you are.

Grafted Branch said...

Hot and bloggerd! Ha ha ha!

I'm living through South Texas heat, but grew up in Phoenix. Phoenix is definately worse! Getting into your car isn't just desperately uncomfortable, it's dangerous. It really IS like an oven there in the heat of summer.