Saturday, December 16, 2006

It's beginning to look a lot like something

BooMama's Tour of Homes™ Christmas Edition is well under way, and I'm not ready for it. Maybe in the next day or two, or perhaps later tonight, I will have a few photos to post. That is if my cheap digital camera will work.

Unlike this family from my hometown, I'm not big on stringing lights "all over the where" as my brother used to say.

Their display grew so large (3 million lights, Barb) that neighbors started to complain. They now have 32 displays all over Arkansas, one at Graceland, and one at Disney World. Needless to say, I won't be keeping up with the Osbornes this year. Or . . . um . . . ever.

I've been known to wait until just a few days before Christmas to catch the excitement. Call me a late bloomer, a blooming idiot, or Scrooge even. I know. Bah Humbug.

I have, however, already managed to get most of my shopping done. In only 3 days. Yay me! My first actual purchase was the gift for my best friend and ex-wife-in-law. Y'all, she will be so surprised! I wish I could tell you what it is, but she reads my blog, so I'm not even going to give hints. And yesterday, my beloved helped me pick out gifts for my nieces and nephew and my brothers-in-law. Now he's cleaning the kitchen while I'm blogging about it. I love that man.

We decided not to to have a real tree this year, but the little pre-lit table-top tree I got for Lindsey's room last year will do fine. I just have to find some ornaments for it. So, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to get busy.

Come back later, and I'll show you around.


Grafted Branch said...

3 million lights? That's obnoxious. I love a table-top tree; maybe when my girls are grown.

Melanie said...

Can you see this house from the moon? I'll bet you can!

Barb said...

Now THAT'S a lot of lights and it makes me feel a lot better about overdoing my tree the way I did.

I'll bet you CAN see that house from the moon. How could you not. It's brighter than the moon I'm sure.

I know what you mean - I'm having the hardest time getting into the spirit of it all this year.

Can't wait to see your photos. It's been a lot of fun visiting everyone's Christmasy homes.

Honestly, I'm already looking forward to the first of the year when I can maybe feel like I'm staying on top of things again!

Cheryl said...

Being from Arkansas I remember the Christmas light controversy. But I would liked to have seen it just once. Can you imagine...?

PEZmama said...

I am just like you. Not too much decorating, and in no rush to do it. We got the tree up, and I'm done. Works for me.

And, can I just say thank you for writing "brothers-in-law"? Reading that endears you to me even more.

I know. It doesn't take much to get on my good side....

Dawn said...

Unbelievable! What in the world must their electric bill be??

Am wondering if Lindsay got the car or the coat??!!

Brenda said...

Oh my! I actually forgot about the coat, but I haven't been shopping for the girls yet. Carl suggested prepaid "credit" cards. Smart man.

Dawn said...

Hey, thanks for coming by for the Judas show today! It was nice to see your face. We're getting bombarded with a huge blizzard today - they closed the university for only the 2nd time in the 13 years I've worked there. Probably because the students are already gone and so is most of the staff and faculty! But it's nice to be home safe and sound. Really bad roads!

Have a wonderful, blessed Christmas!

Dawn said...

I just read your comment about the coat - that's what I'm getting everyone in my family this year - those Visa cards that they can spend anywhere. Last year I gave my DIL a gift card to Kohl's and she couldn't find anything she liked, so this should solve that.