Monday, May 01, 2006

Comic Relief

Thought I'd post a few family funnies just for grins.

I began early teaching the girls about water and energy conservation. I knew Lindsey, who was 4, had grasped the concept when I called her into the kitchen to help unload the dishwasher. She came to the doorway and said, "But Mom, the TV's on in the living room, and we're wasting cable."

Andrew, 7, and Emily, 9, were discussing reproduction. She asked "Do you know where babies come from?" He said, "Of course. The man's sperm mixes with the woman's eggs in her tummy."
She asked, "How does it get there?" He said, "She swallows it, stupid!"

The first Christmas after their dad and I divorced, I said to the girls, "Well, now we can start all new traditions."
Sarah, 10, said, "Like, Hannukah?"

Please share some of your own.


Faith said...

LOL!!! Kids will keep ya laughing.

BooMama said...

Oh, I don't have any that could top that, what with the little man just being three...but those are classic. SO funny - I laughed out loud.