Friday, May 05, 2006

Freakish Friday

In case you were wondering if I could possibly be any weirder...yeah, I have this telepathy thing going on, and I knew that you were... I realized there are a few things I left off my list.

I won't bother to number them, so nobody gets hurt.

*I've never been a first wife.

*My ex-wife-in-law (hubby's ex) and I are friends.

*I have an uncanny ability to remember social security numbers - not just mine, but hubby's, daughters', sister's, ex-boyfriends', ex-hubby's, and some people I don't even know (work related) - but I can't freakin' remember to call the orthodontist's office to have them draft the payment before the 15th of the month!

*I'm right-handed in everything but archery and soccer <--- HA! (that was just for kicks, but the archery thing is true.) I kill me.

*I'm funnier than most people think I am.

*I just laughed out loud at myself.

*There are 6 letters in my first name, 6 in my middle name, and 6 in my last name.

Is that scary or what?


Diane said...

Okay, Brenda, quit holding out on us and share the REALLY weird stuff, LOL! :-) So far, I haven't read anything all that strange. Well, to me, anyway. Not that I am a good judge of strange in anyone else, since I'm the proud owner of a lengthy list of oddities, weirdness, quirks, peccadilloes, strangeness (is that a word?!) and eccentricities myself. :-)

Leslie said...

I'm righthanded except in basketball and shooting.

Anyway, Welcome to the blogging world--you have a great writers voice!

Blessed Beyond Measure said...

fun to see your sense of humor - its a gift, isnt it, when we can laugh at ourselves. dont you wonder if God thinks we usually take life too seriously?

Brenda said...

Thanks, y'all.

I'm sure God prefers our laughter to grumbling, complaining, and whining. And don't we all look better when we smile?


BooMama said...

I'm righthanded in everything except pool. I know this because I've played pool approximately two times in my life. :-)