Sunday, May 21, 2006

Having Church

I intended to attend church this morning, but my back is stiff and my right shoulder is sore, so I'm not moving around much, at least not very quickly. I got up and realized that I would never make it on time at the rate I'm going, so I decided that I'll go to the evening service instead.

Y'all my daughter Sarah called me a few minutes ago! My heart is rejoicing. How nice to hear her voice. She's on her class trip to Sea World, having fun with her friends, and her mother crossed her mind. She only wanted to know how to get the flash to work on the camera I gave her, but she thought to call me! You're probably thinking "So?" but let me tell you, usually she has to be reminded to call just to say hi. The whole conversation took less than a minute, and she said she'll call me later. She has no idea how much what she just did means to me. I would have missed her call if I'd rushed out the door to get to church this morning, but I'm having church right now. Glory hallelujah! Thank God for my aching back!


Texas Gal said...

Hi Brenda! I have seen you around on other blogs so I thought I would stop by. God's timing is always right. Church should be about what helps us get through the day/life. God did know what kind of church you needed today.

Barb said...

See? A good start! Here's to lots and lots more phone calls from your girls!


Diane said...

Yay!!! Progress for sure. Prayer does work, see? :-)

Brenda said...

No doubt! His timing is indeed perfect as are His plans.

Thanks for your continued prayers!