Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Works-For-Me Wednesday

I've done this with my girls since they were little, because it works for me. Each child has a laundry basket in her room. This is for her dirty laundry only - towels go in the "community" hamper. When the basket is full, it's time to do a load. Anything not in the basket will not be washed by me. As a result, we've had very few items of clothing come up missing, including socks. Except the items that have migrated away from home in someone else's overnight bag or somehow forgot to put themselves back in their luggage, and the ones they've loaned out or given away or traded, but we don't wanna talk about that right now.

They've been doing their own laundry now for years, ever since they grew tall enough to reach the washer settings.

This has saved me loads of time and energy (pun intended).

Got a handy-dandy tip you'd like to share? Wanna see more great ideas? Go see Shannon at Rocks In My Dryer - you'll love her site!


shannon from rocks in my dryer said...

Excellent idea! Teaches responsibility, too, AND helps mom! Thanks for playing--

Barb said...

It's too late for me (my girls are grown and the proud owners of their OWN washers and dryers) but what a great idea! Laundry was simply a trauma in my life for about sixteen years. Wish I'd thought of this!


Brenda said...

The best part is if they ever ask "Mom, have you seen my (whatever)?" I can honestly say "Yes, the last time you wore it."

This trick doesn't work on hubs, though. However, my comeback to "Honey, I don't have any clean underwear" is "Gee, I'm sorry, did I wear your last pair?"

Barb said...

OK. NOW you're funnier than ME and that is NOT allowed! Hahahah. Good response to the hub! ;-)