Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I Am (Meme)

What's a meme, you ask? I like the blog definition better: Me! Me!
Anyway, I've been tagged by BooMama for this one, so here goes:

I am - deeply in love with my husband.
I want - my children to understand the importance of obedience to God.
I wish - we could have more kids.
I hate - abuse of children and abuse of power.
I miss - my kids' toddler years.
I hear - life begins at 40.
I wonder - how anyone could not believe in God.
I regret - my first marriage.
I am not - a typical woman.
I dance - like a spaz.
I sing - most of the time.
I cry - at church, at weddings, at funerals, at movies, and at random acts of kindness.
I am not always - serious.
I make - quilts from worn-out jeans.
I write - the way I speak.
I confuse - my husband, who still hasn't got me figured out.
I need - to read my Bible more, exercise, get more sleep
I should - call my mom more often.
I start - too many projects at once.
I finish - very few projects I start.

Consider yourself tagged!


Jeana said...

Hi, Brenda, didn't see an e-mail contact--yes of course you may add me to your blogroll. No need to ask. I'm curious though--what qualifies me, the fact that I don't bite my fingernails?!

BooMama said...

Ditto on the "I need" and "I write" - and I'm fascinated by the making of quilt from old blue must post pictures of such a feat.

Thanks a bunch for indulging me on the meme - it was fun to read! And I love that you're crazy in love with your hubby.

Brenda said...

Thank YOU for tagging me!

Blessed Beyond Measure said...

loved your profile, loved your meme. I also make quilts from jeans - I make one for each male born in the family, out of jeans from his parents, grandfather and him. So far my husband has one his mother made him when he was a teen, it is ALWAYS in our car for spontaneous picnics, wet dogs, firework shows, etc. Ive made one for my son, my two son-in-laws and my daughters are already saving little boy jeans for someday quilts. Theyre nice with plaid flannel on the other side.